CC Pack - Thinking fresh


CC Pack manufactures packaging mainly for the European food industry and is the  European volume leader in pressed board trays. CC Pack provides good food with good packaging which is a task that is in rapid change as behavior and attitudes to consuming food is constantly changing. The CC Pack brand promise ”Thinking fresh” covers all aspects of what the company does - from ideas and solutions, to production and processes and all the way to the environmental impacts of the company and its products  on the world around us.

  • Very high standard of food packaging production, certified according to BRC
  • Large technical expertise with client’s equipment
  • Flexible organisation, high delivery capacity and good quality
  • Skilled staff and low staff turnover
  • Straight and personal relationships with business partners
  • Effective resource management
  • High business contingency thanks to a plant built in divided fireproof sections

Combining state-of-the-art technology with production capacity

With a skilled and experienced organisation and great production capacity, CC Pack is reactive and responsive to customer’s' needs and preferences. CC Pack can deliver anything from one pallet to full trucks. The factory covers 7 600 m2 with absolutely top standards of hygiene level to the food industry. The standard of the production equipment is high with the largest capacity in Europe for pressed board trays.

Advanced printing

The CC Pack printing press prints up to six colors in water based flexo. The press is from roll to roll, making it particularly suitable for large series and is also suited for higher grammage of the carton.

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Quick facts on CC Pack

  • Turnover of 13,5 MEUR
  • 45 employees
  • Capacity of 400 million pressed trays and 180 million erected trays per year
  • Export share 60%
  • Production site and head office in Tibro, Sweden
  • Business concept:
  • CC Pack shall be a supplier of packaging that are carriers of food to the food industry and food service sector. Focus on large to medium large companies in Europe.