Sustainability filters through our business

A&R Carton is a world-class supplier of great packaging and we are continuously working to improve in all ways. We are partners to our customers when it comes to developing their packages and their manufacturing processes. We always ensure that we are doing so in a sustainable way.

A&R Carton’s business is based on four cornerstones:

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Service 

Great usability - low impact 

Carton is made from wood pulp – a renewable material – and has a low environmental impact compared to other materials. Cartonboard gains ground as an ecological packaging material in the wake of increasing environmental awareness. As long as forests are managed in a sustainable way, carton is a premium sustainable choice. At A&R Carton, we make sure that all cartonboards we buy come from sustainably managed forests or from recycled board. An analysis carried out by ECMA shows that carton is an even more favourable choice when biogenic carbon sequestration is included in the lifecycle analysis. This is an important fact to take into account