Think global - act local

A&R Carton, together with our sister companies within AR Packaging, are constantly engaged in active sustainability projects. As we are present a substantial number of production facilities in many different countries there are a lot of opportunities and challenges to do work that deliver tangible effects.


A&R Carton visited Weingarten School to talk about ecological life cycle of trees
A&R Carton Frankfurt, together with the garden store Tropica, recently visited Weingarten School to teach around 40 children about sustainability through the educational project TICCIT. During the interactive workshop, pupils learn about the life cycle of trees, carton and recycling. While introducing and discussing the ecological life cycle together in the group, each child got to plant a tree seedling in an A&R Carton box. Afterwards the children could bring their boxes home with them and, since paper is biodegradable, they will be able to plant them in their gardens.

The school of which A&R Carton visited said that they noticed that the children quickly understood how to handle the nature. There is a good chance that this children will grow up with an environmental conscience, which is the purpose of the project.

TICCIT: Trees in carton – carton in trees
TICCIT is an educational program that is all about trees, sustainability and the environment. The programme involves teaching school children about trees, recycling and paper, then assisting each of them with planting a tree sapling inside a carton, which they then can plant out at home. The programme was first launched in America and has now also been launched Europe-wide and is aimed primarily to kids in the ages 8-11.