We add power to your product

A&R Carton is a leading packaging company with 2 950 employees and 15 production sites in eleven countries. We offer carton-packaging concepts to a wide range of consumer market segments. By looking at the whole value chain and the importance of packaging we provide solutions that create brand value and make room for business improvement. Our main focus to maximise the business value of packaging for our customer.

Understanding the importance of your challenges

For decades, we have had strong partnerships with our customers to find powerful ways of protecting and promoting their products. Developing new ways of assisting and helping the end-user to make better use of their purchase – and in this way increasing our customers brand value and sales - is our passion. With literally thousands of ideas and solutions we can strengthen your brand and attract new customers. We understand the importance of your product’s shelf impact. We prioritise your packaging solution’s ability to be reproduced in everything from neutral to lacquers, shapes, embossing and more. Whatever your needs, A&R Carton solutions add power to your product.

Boosting your brand

It is estimated that about 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale - packaging can help ensure that a product is seen and purchased. Cartons have a high quality image, offer strong shelf impact and are highly regarded by the consumer. Innovative shapes and interesting print effects combined to offer instant attraction. Cartons signal quality and value. Consumers then tend to relate the value to the product so giving carton packed products a better chance of success.

The sustainable choice  

Carton is made from wood pulp – a renewable material – and has a low environmental impact compared to other materials. Cartonboard gains ground as an ecological packaging material in the wake of increasing environmental awareness. Carbon is stored in the wood fibres as long as forests are managed in a sustainable way, carton is a premium sustainable choice. A&R Carton purchases all carton boards from sustainably managed forests or from recycled board. An analysis carried out by ECMA shows that carton is an even more favourable choice when biogenic carbon sequestration is included in the lifecycle analysis. This is an important aspect when comparing carton to alternatives. Improvements in cartonboard technology have led to significant reductions in the weight of board needed to produce cartons. Reduced weight and the strength and rigidity of cartons also means that there is lower wastage in transport from producer to consumer. Cartons are easy to crush and recycle and have an excellent record with facilities in place all over Europe to recover and return them for recycling.  

Providing security and efficiency 

Carton is a cost effective packaging at high speed. Effective shelf stacking, fast bar code reading and the ability to utilise upcoming technological developments such as RFID. This provides significant benefits in the supply chain when using cartons. Cartons can be designed to incorporate a wide range of security systems, based on both covert and overt technologies. Designs can include tamper-evidence, child-resistance or other security benefits through tagging mechanisms, creative constructional design as well as print and ink system technologies. Cartons offer an ideal packaging medium in achieving efficiency as they can be packed fast, stacked easily and efficiently, and moved through the supply chain with minimum damage.