Infant milk formula

The first two years are the most important time for a child and nutrition has a key role to ensure the baby grows and develops in the best way. Infant milk formula (IMF) is a sensitive product which can be crucial for new born baby’s well-being. The new parents need to have full confidence in the product and its packaging.

As a supplier to the infant nutrition industry, we know that the best possible protection of the product is crucial and quality must always have a top priority. A demanding content, as this formula is, asks much of its packaging and as manufacturers we have undertaken the responsibility that each packaging should be of highest quality, without any compromises. Our high focus on hygienic production, sterilisation of the infant milk formula packaging and air tight composite cans makes the content safe.

When it comes to the end user’s choice of infant milk formula, they typically look for a packaging that clearly communicates safety and high quality and which provides convenient features such as easy dosing and re-closable function. Infant milk formula producers expect not only a safe and well-functioning packaging but also require efficient packaging processes. At A&R Carton we can help you meet all these requirements.

Always with the focus on a good start for the baby.