ECMA Winner Category Confectionery - Kägi

For those special moments

The unusual shape of this packaging for Swiss chocolate is predestined for special occasions. Unique and eye-catching, the carton assures a grand appearance both in the shops as well as in consumers’ homes. Intuitively it is quite obvious that this is a premium product and makes the perfect gift. The premium appeal was achieved without foil finishing; the packaging is 100% cartonboard and offers good sustainability. The carton polyhedron replaces the flexible outer packaging and lends it a representative shape.

An adhesive tape reaches from the top flap over the edge to the base and ensures the integrity of the product. The small chocolate bars are easy to take out. Open, remove and close – works perfectly.

Jury comments

The jury considered the Kägi confectionery pack to be very distinctive for the confectionery sector. The Polyhedron shape and construction was very appealing to the eye and no doubt would be on shelf, even when stacked as it has several faces to carry branding. The opening and closing top face allowed easy access to the product and the box itself was perfect for after use.

Official name of entry:
 Kägi Classic Minis
Entrant: Other:  AR Packaging Group
Carton Producer:  A&R Carton
Brand owner:  Kägi Söhne
Structual Designer:  Sebastian Eckert
Graphic Designer:  Brand Union Germany
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
 Stora Enso