Retro-looking FlipTop 2 pack box for Lantmännen

A&R Carton has together with Lantmännen created an urban-looking packaging for Vaasan Koulunäkki. Vaasan & Vaasan is the second largest crisp bread manufacturer in the world, exporting crisp breads from Finland to over forty countries worldwide. The folding carton packaging for Vaasan & Vaasan is urban and stylish and looks good on any dinner table. The brand is given a fresh retouch through the use of strong colours combined with a retro looking illustration.

The Vaasan Koulunääki FlipTop 2 pack has a recloseable lid ensuring a tightly closed pack with minimum material consumption. The lid was created through the use of an economic flip using the long side gluing and the tamper evident side parts.The two glued parts in the facing come from the inner liner which also ensures the distinctive click mechanism (the acoustic response for the consumer when the packaging is closed) and guarantees an even safer closed packaging. Yet another aspect that adds to the consumers’ experience. Moreover, the innovative packaging design with Flip-Top construction was created and implemented on existing lines at Lantmännen using a standard production process together with special gluing at A&R Carton. This is an entirely new way to use a Flip-Top box and offers more possibilities to use off-the-shelf packaging machines! Last but not least, the packaging is easy to handle, efficient for storage and sustainable thanks to the minimum use of materials.