A&R Carton wins three prizes at The German Design Award!

We are proud to announce that A&R Carton has been awarded with three prizes at The German Design Award 2018 in the category Excellent Communications Design Packaging.


My.VON ERL Starterpack

To underline the modern simplicity and the high technological quality of the product, an elegant, premium looking packaging was developed. The box needed to contain several components in an orderly fashion, thus a smart insert was a vital part of the structural design. That’s how the book style opening with an integrated extension system was born. To also ensure an easy opening the slipcase is to be opened with a lid-flap using special technics to also make it a solid construction.






















Orion Pharma Sileo

The box was created to ensure a safe and recloseable packaging for sensitive medical application for dogs. The box itself provides security as it cannot be opened by children but is resealable. Challenging for manufacturing was the fact that the box is made from one piece with one machine run and can also be packed with one machine run on the packaging line. Further, the packaging does not need any extra additives like stickers yet can be resealed up to ten times while still being child-proof.






















Sloggi Men „Match“

Sloggi’s Men “Match” packaging adds to the consumer experience by providing an easy opening and reclosable pack design. Consumers can view and examine the packed product in store, but not remove it, and then close the packaging again without damaging it. The problem of having damaged, destroyed or partially empty packs in the shop has been eliminated through this new innovative design.