Food Service

Food served on the go puts the package to the test, and our packages surely stand to be tested! 

Are you looking for packaging with high barrier against moisture and oil that is easy to handle and carry, has high food safety and looks excellent? Clamshell boxes for burgers, trays, cups and take away boxes for Asian food and noodles? We can offer that and more, from basic design to fantastic special-edition packages. 

Our food service packages ensure high food safety standards and are environmentally sound with high barriers against moisture and grease that keep the food fresh and prevent leakages.

CC Pack – a market leader in pressed trays

CC Pack is part of A&R Carton with a production plant in Sweden which is hygiene and quality certified according to BRC. The factory covers top standards of hygiene level to the food industry. The premises were extended considerably in 2008 and the existing production facility was modernized to the new conditions. The standard of the production equipment is high, among other things we have the largest capacity in Europe for pressed board trays. 

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SP Containers – expertise in cups

Speciality Paperboard Containers Limited is part of A&R Carton and manufactures special paperboard packaging. A range of innovative direct fill containers is supplied into the food processing and packaging industry sectors. The container shapes vary from tubular to round to square top in sizes of fill ranging from 80 ml to 1800 ml, each with different closure options. SPC´s customers are wide and varied in product areas and market sectors, filling their containers with ice cream, frozen treats, dairy and confectionery, fast food items, pet food products and even horticultural products such as flower seeds.

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CC Pack and SP Containers have together created coffee cups made from high quality cartonboard materials. The cups are available as single- and double walled - where the single-walled cups only have one cartonboard layer and is ideal for many different products. The doubled-walled cups have an extra insulating layer and are therefore better suited for retaining the heat of warm drinks.

The cups are environmentally friendly as they are created using high quality materials and an efficient use of renewable resources. Moreover, the cups are made of Nordic fibres and odour free material. There is also tremendous amount of options to tailor suit your company’s message as the printing possibilities are endless.