Childproof Packaging

Childproof packaging - a price winning innovation 

A&R Carton developed the Pandora box in 2013 - a cost-effective and child proof pack with barrier function and suited for fully automatic processing. The innovative packaging solution for nicotine chewing gums was awarded in the Pharmaceutical category at the ECMA Awards.

Intuitive and intelligent

During the development process several constructions and ideas were evaluated together with brand owner McNeil/Johnson&Johnson and packaging machine partner in order to make an intelligent one-piece pack which is intuitive to use, child proof and can be processed in fully automatic machine concept.

Meeting all the requirements

The Pandora Box meets all the requirements specified. The carton board selected meets the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the wish for a high quality appearance and sustainability.  It has the requested barrier properties and it is hard to tear, making it perfect this specific application. The glue is food approved and passes child proof test. The choice of packaging machine allows production on regular basis.