Innovative packaging plays a growing role in the continuously increasing popularity of ready meals and convenience food. A&R Carton, together with CC Pack, also a member of AR Packaging, provides carton and aluminium base trays for a wide range of applications such as frozen foods, bakery and food-on-the-go.

CC-Tray Board

CC-tray is a pre-formed, nestable cardboard tray made of recyclable material and can be used for frozen and chilled ready-meals, soups, delicacy products or take-away food. It is compatible for microwave and conventional ovens.

CC-Tray Aluminium

Aluminium is particularly suitable to be cooked in the oven or small portions to be heated in the microwave. Aluminium can be recycled many times to low energy costs. 100% of the aluminium remnants arising in the manufacture recycled. CC Tray Aluminium is available as food, bakery, takeaway, smooth wall and gastro transforms.