Variobox® - new ways to boost the impact of your packaging

At A&R Carton, we can offer a strong and cost efficient packaging solution that makes your product stand out. Variobox Lite gives you the possibility to create different shapes and sizes, and is suitable for luxury packs in segments like confectionary, cosmetics, gifts and similar products.

Shape your box for success

Our focused development of production processes has resulted in a totally new and very cost efficient solution for luxury packaging. It gives possibilities for great brand recognition and is very suitable for seasonal focus, like special packaging for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day etc.

Small and medium quantities

Variobox lite is a packaging with a fantastic scope for creativity. The manufacturing technology enables full flexibility when it comes to shapes and sizes, with a maximum size of 440x260x45 mm and a minimum height of 18 mm. The solution offers low start-up costs and superior cost efficiency up to 500.000 pieces.

Highest quality and food safety standards 

Variobox lite can be produced with all modern print and converting effects, like hot-foil, windows, special varnish etc. The boxes are semi-manually erected when they arrive at our customer’s premises. They have a great packaging finish that enhances the perception of the product inside, and they meet highest food safety standards.