Boardio® - A new greener package

Eye catching shape and design

With an eye catching shape and an attractive print on all six sides (also top and bottom), Boardio is an exclusive packaging solution offering excellent product protection. Being the winner of the carbon footprint benchmarks in rigid gas tight packaging, Boardio is specifically designed for the protection of sensitive food, such as powders, which can be branded with a green image.

Attractive and innovative features

The advanced sealing technology and state-of-the-art packaging machinery ensures the best possible protection for your product. The distinctively designed packaging has a large, recloseable opening for an easy-to-scoop and pour function and requires no inner bag, increasing the usability and consumer convenience of the product.

With an exclusive look and feel, the Boardio packaging has a top compartment for additional features such as scoop and promotion items. Having a tape seam, the packaging also effectively protects your product’s content against micro leakage. Moreover, the inner membrane is easy to open and comes in two forms: BoardLid (oxygen barrier) and Push-n-Pull (moisture barrier). The Boardio packaging is flexible in size, shape and structure and can be customised to meet your specific needs and requirements. Last but not least, Boardio is a tailored solution created using a unique structure and shape, preventing the product against counterfeiting.

Environmentally sound and cost-efficient

There are several benefits to choosing the Boardio system for your products. Flat delivery and an optimal use of material makes Boardio both environmentally sound and cost-efficient. Compared to plastics and metal containers such as tin cans, which are delivered empty, the Boardio packaging reduces incoming goods with up to 95% simply by being delivered flat. Hence, not only the CO2 emissions and costs from transport by truck but also all the related handling and storage costs are reduced correspondingly. A fully utilized line, producing 40 million packs annually, can easily save the environment 500 tons of CO2 and save the producer several hundreds of work hours.


Boardio Eco - eco optimised packaging for strong brands

Boardio® Eco is an eco-optimised carton packaging offering tailored protection for your demanding products. With its higher carton board content, differentiating shapes and convenient features, the packaging provides excellent possibilities for brand positioning for green brands. 

A&R Carton is the exclusive supplier of the Boardio packaging solution including both barrier packaging components and machinery. We ensure that your total packaging solution performs as effective and convenient as you and your consumers expect.