Cekacan® - The adaptable shape of proven performance

A&R Carton is the exclusive developer and supplier of Cekacan® packaging solutions. Cekacan enables you to take advantage of proven high performance packaging technology. You can combine it with any number of specialised options and additions.

The Cekacan is a great solution for nutrition, mueslis, cereals, powders and flakes to prevent infestation problems, which are common to those kinds of products. Customers have also chosen the A&R Carton Cekacan systems as a preferred packaging solution for sugar, coffee and cacao products. Or why not use Cekacan as a convenient snack pack? The possibilities are numerous.

Cekacan – an innovation that stays new

The idea of Cekacan started back in the end of the 1970's with several packages for coffee. It was natural that the predecessors of A&R Carton aimed its new Cekacan innovation at coffee and other powdered products requiring MAP. The first Cekacan line was installed in the 1980’s and has been followed by 30 Cekacan line installations globally. Alternative shapes, lids and dosing possibilities have been put on the market over time to provide optimised production performance and attract consumers at the same time.

Cekacan – a total packaging solution

Our main focus is on maximising the business value of packaging for our customers. Our innovative solutions with added functionalities boost your brand and improve your business.

Both packaging and machinery are developed by A&R Carton. They are part of a total solution from an experienced supplier with system knowledge and continuous R&D. We take full responsibility through conceptualisation, installation, verifications on site as well as service support over time.

We ensure that your total packaging solution performs just as effective and convenient as you and your consumers expect.

The innovative Cekacan line – fast and adaptable

The Cekacan line is a modular built system which normally consists of Can Maker, Can Sealer and Lid Applicator. Optimised for high throughput, quick setup and easy adjustability – three dimensional size changes possible – Cekacan adapts to your changing needs with limited downtime. It offers modified atmosphere packaging and the machinery meets the highest standards of hygiene.


Cekacan – the can of today with a well proven track record

Cekacan – an innovative pack solution since the 80’s.

The idea and development of Cekacan started already in the end of the 1970’s. Having launched several packages for coffee already it was natural that the predecessors of A&R Carton aimed its new Cekacan innovation at coffee and other powdered products requiring MAP. Key features and technologies relating to Cekacan were patented, including using a piece of tape, the Flexlid, various tamper evidence solutions and expanding plungers, to mention a few.

The launch of the Cekacan system

In the beginning of the 1980’s A&R Carton  started to market and show the Cekacan concept both in Sweden and internationally. It was marketed as the first, gas tight paperboard can and aimed at dry, granular and/or fatty products such as coffee, tea, milk powder, snack products, chocolate powder, tobacco and similar products.

The selling points of the packaging machine Cekacan System 600 were a line speed of 60 cans per minute and the use flat blanks rather than supplying a pre-erected can. Shape & convenience (easy reclosable). The forming, filling and sealing were to be done at the plant of the producer.

In 1984 the Cekacan system was presented at Interpack in Düsseldorf and also PackEx in Birmingham.

The first customers

The first Cekacan line was installed in 1987 for O´boy chocolate powder marketed by Kraft followed by a line for Jacobs Suchard / Milka in Germany.

The line at Bahlsen in West Germany, installed in 1988, was the first to comprise specific equipment to pack nuts in modified  atmosphere (MAP).

In 1989 the first Cekacan line for coffee packaging was installed in US for General Foods and the Maxwell House brand. Together with Bosch, A&R Carton developed a one-way valve to enable the de-gassing of packed freshly ground coffee beans and the line included the possibility to evacuate oxygen and introduce inert gas in the pack. During the following years three more lines with similar specifications were installed.

Further developments

The first product where a scoop was included was also launched in 1989. It was a line packing Horlics for Beecham (later GSK). The scoop was placed on top of the Flexlid (between to Flexlid and the reclosable plastic lid) and thereby stayed clear from the packed product.

In 1992 a line was installed at the Danish contract packer Inpack in Odense. This was the first line which had two footprints. It also had the possibility to pack in modified atmosphere with a guaranteed residual oxygen level of 2%.

Enhanced consumer convenience

A&R Carton developed several solutions to increase consumer convenience. For example a scraper bar and scoop that can be attached in the lid as well as tamper evidence features were presented to customers already in the mid 1990’s.

Homepride made a success in the UK by packing flour in a Cekacan. Less flour spread in the kitchen thanks to using the stable Cekacan is a clear proof of how important consumer convenience is to make a winner on a highly competitive market.

In the end of the 1990's Legal chose Cekacan as the packaging solution for roast and grounded coffee. This was the first of several line installations spread over Europe for this type of demanding application. The gas tight Cekacan replaced glass and tin jars, which gave new product attractiveness on the shop shelves.

In year 2000 Kraft took coffee packed in Cekacan another step further in differentiation by installing a line to pack the Carte Noir brand. This was the first Cekacan pack on the market that was not rectangular, square or round but instead rectangular with bulging sides. More attractive to the consumer and yet very convenient to use.

And the success continues…

Since 2000 a range of machines have been installed for several different applications. For example, globally you will find infant formula products packed by Danone in Cekacan.

Cekacan 120 Bodymaker CanmakerThe new Cekacan line 120 series is a new generation of Can Maker, Can Sealer and Lid Applicator. Optimised for high efficiency with a line speed of 120 cans per minute and yet excellent flexibility. Three dimensional size changes is possible. The machinery used meets the highest standards of hygiene in order to stay one step ahead of the ever increasing demands on products safety.