Sealio® - protection for premium brands

Sealio® is a patent pending gas-tight carton package that protects your sensitive products. Especially suitable for products such as infant formula and other sensitive powders, Sealio provides an eye-catching look to support your premium brand positioning. The packaging is easy to open with a large opening for easy-to-scoop function. Together with the superior re-closure it optimises and benefits consumer convenience. Sealio has several unique shape- and color possibilities with excellent package rigidity and integrity.

State-of-the-art technology

Sealio is our latest system developed for gas-tight carton packaging for premium brands. The advanced sealing technology and state-of-the-art packaging machinery is specifically developed for the protection of highly sensitive powders and ensures the best possible protection and prevents counterfeiting.

Tailored solution

With an exclusive look and attractive print and effects, Sealio offers a superior packaging experience through its several unique shape- and colour options and its excellent pack rigidity and integrity. Through an optimal use of materials the packaging effectively eliminates micro leakage and offers a good protection for your product, even on wet surfaces. Sealio holds a top compartment for additional features such as scoop and promotion items and is tailored to increase the usability of the packaging. Moreover, the packaging requires no inner bag and has a large, easy opening for an easy-to-scoop function increasing the consumer convenience. A superior recloseability of the packaging also ensures high protection of the content.

Environmentally sound

There are several benefits to choosing Sealio for your products. As the packaging is made from carton-based material instead of plastics or metal and is delivered flat to the customer, the product is environmentally sound and minimises transportation and storage space and costs. Sealio® system comes with an S1 can maker, filler, S2 sealer and S3 lid applicator. The packaging is also flexible in size, shape and structure and can be customised to meet your specific needs and requirements.